About Us

SingleBangalis.com is a Bangladeshi online matrimonial & dating site for the Bengali community where all the bangalis located in various parts of the world can register themselves for 100% free and search for other single Bengali people.

Although Bangladesh is a gorgeous little country by the Bay of Bengal, millions of bangali people migrated in various parts of the world, probably in search of even better lifestyle, leaving the beloved Motherland.

SingleBangalis.com caters for those overseas Bengali communities who face incredible difficulties in finding potential life-partners for themselves.So here we come with SingleBangalis.com for you!!

Spread the word …. …. And enjoy all the facilities that SingleBangalis.com has to offer !!

Heeey...Hello everyone !!
Welcome to SingleBangalis.com !!
This is Afzal, this 'adham' was the one to come up with the idea of this matrimonial & dating website only for the Bangali Community across the world. I just thought you all should know how SingleBangalis.com was born. When I was ready to settle down myself, I started looking for a wife. Not only me , some of my cousins & friends too, were eagerly looking for life-partners to settle down with. And all of a sudden I realized, everyone is registered with these other Foreign dating or matrimonial websites. You guys can't even imagine how many Bengali people are paying like £10 on average a month to get in touch with other single Bangali people. There are about nearly 3000 Bengali people on those foreign pay-sites.

So then I decided, we need something for Bangladesh & the West Bengal Community so that the Foreigners cannot take our hard earned money away. Instead, keep your money to yourself & use it for Charities in your own Community.

I thank you for visiting us and hope that we can help you meet the right person.
Best Regards,

Chairman & Managing Director